u cà na

"xu" is slang of "xui" (unlucky)
"cà na" is a kind of fruite that has a sour and acrid taste .
"xu cà na" describe the unlucky situations

  • Vietnamese
  • English (US) Near fluent

"xu" or "xu cà na" is a slang word in Vietnamese. There will be no exact translation for this word. However, in English there are some words that can be substituted for "xu cà na". Those words represent bad luck.

You can use the word “jinx” when you mean bad luck or a person or thing that always brings bad luck (xui xẻo). In English, there is also an exclamation about "xui xẻo" or "xu" or "xu cà na" that is “tough luck”. “Tough luck” is an exclamation about bad luck, sánh you can think of it as an English “xu cà na”. It is synonymous with the words "bad luck" or "ill luck".

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Another word is "Down on my luck".

xui xẻo

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