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The stars of this dish are, obviously, snails. And sometimes they can be unsightly lớn look at. However, once you get over the sight, you’ll know why this dish has gained quite a lot of prominence among the people.

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The chilly weather of winter always makes bủ crave a steamy, and spicy, hot bowl of bun oc (snail rice noodles). While this dish is perhaps not as well-known lớn foreigners as pho (beef noodles), it’s a hidden gem that many locals are most definitely in love with.

 A bowl of bún ốc with full toppings. Photo: Thuy An

There’s always something intimidating about it though. The stars of this dish are, obviously, snails. And sometimes they can be unsightly lớn look at. However, once you get over the sight, you’ll know why this dish has gained quite a lot of prominence among the people.

The highlight of bun oc is the harmony of the flavor and texture. The rich bone broth has a unique tangy taste derived from ripe tomatoes and rice vinegar that will make you crave for more. It’s normally topped with some chewy snail and cooked tomatoes. Some places also offer beef, crispy tofu, and Vietnamese sausage (gio tai), sánh choosing which toppings lớn add is definitely up lớn your preference. This dish is always served with a plentiful platter of fresh herbs such as mint and basil. And if you want a more piquant taste, add a few drops of shrimp paste into the broth. A bit of chili oil will also enhance the flavor and make your bowl of noodles look more appetizing.

 The space is quite limited, and can house 15 people maximum. Photo: Thuy An. 

One of my favorite places lớn eat bun oc is bun oc Co Hue (Miss Hue’s snail rice noodles), which is located in Nguyen Sieu Street. I’ve been eating here for years, and have lớn say that the quality remains the same and never disappoints bủ.

There’s sánh much lớn love about a bowl of bun oc here; it’s traditional-style, sánh you won’t find beef, tofu, or anything else except snails. And the snails here are truly excellent! They have a rubbery, meaty texture and take on the rich flavor of the broth with which they’re cooked. If you’re a người hâm mộ of really chewy snails, go for big one. For those who’ve never tried snails before, I suggest eating small snails since they don’t have as strong of a taste as big snails, and the texture isn’t too rubbery. Or you can order a mix of both – it’s totally up lớn you!  Another great news lớn you - the bowl is packed-full of toppings that you’ll feel lượt thích there’s no over in sight.

The broth is also the star of the dish. It strikes a perfect balance between tangy and sweet flavors, and I usually put a bit of chili oil lớn spice things up a little. What further sets this dish apart from other counterparts is the addition of cha oc (snail cakes), an unorthodox topping that not many places have. They are made with a variety of herbs, have a slightly chewy texture, and taste well-seasoned.

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 The chewy, meaty snails are the highlight of the dish. Photo: Thuy An 

Usually, bun oc is served piping hot. But this store also sells bun oc nguoi, which is literally translated as cold snail rice noodles. What’s different about this dish is that you’ll get a bowl of cold broth packed with green onions, tomatoes, and snails and a separate plate of fresh rice noodles. As you eat, dip some rice noodles into the bowl, take a sip of the broth, and feel the flavor spreads through your mouth. This dish is extremely popular in the summer, as it brings a refreshing taste that can slowly dissipates the scorching heat of Hanoi’s weather.

One caveat of this store is that it’s quite small, and there’s only enough space for about 15 people lớn pack in. The owner usually sets up two extra tables in the sidewalks in front of the store, sánh you can choose lớn sit there as well. Also, the parking space is very limited, and maybe able lớn accommodate a few motorbikes or bikes only. 

Regardless, eating at this store is such a pleasant experience. The cửa hàng owner, Miss Hue, is cheerful and welcoming. She loves lớn chat, and will tell you all sorts of stories.

So if you want lớn try out a dish that exudes a sense of Hanoi culinary elegance and sophistication, pay a visit lớn Bun oc Co Hue.

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Address: 15 Nguyen Sieu, Hoan Kiem District

Prices: 50,000 VND

Operation hours: 6:30 to14:00