there's a pretty little fishing village

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A. by the sea  

Đáp án chủ yếu xác

C. on the beach          

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A. by the sea: sát biển cả                                        
B. on the sand: bên trên cát

C. on the beach: bên trên bãi tắm biển                             
D. by the shore: mặt mũi bờ

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Câu 1:

Hoang found it difficult to tát be in charge of the household _______.

A. financial    

B. financially  

C. finances  

D. financier

Câu 2:

Cities in poorer countries often lack basic  ______. Without it, they are unable to tát function properly as cities.

A. structure

B. construction     

C.  infrastructure   

D. condition

Câu 3:

My grandpa is the most conservative person in my family. He never______about way of life.

A. gives his opinion

B. changes his mind     

C. gives his view  

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D. keeps in mind

Câu 4:

English teaching is considered a good example of a volunteer job which often turns ______ a career.

A. off

B. up 

C. on  

D. into

Câu 5:

I ______ for my math textbook all day, but I  ______ it yet.

A. have been looking/haven't found

B. have looked/haven't found

C. have been looking/haven't been finding

D. have looked/haven't been finding

Câu 6:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to tát indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to tát the underlined word (s) in each of the following questions.

Mary is planning to tie the knot with her German boyfriend next June.

A. get married       

B. say goodbye          

C. get together      

D. fall in love

Câu 7:

We can also see the stone dragons of Kinh Thien Palace and relics associated with many Vietnamese royal families, ______ during archaeological excav ations.

A. discovered

B. being discovered 

C. to discover       

D. discovering