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Besides Phở, Bun oc Hanoi is the second choice for breakfast in Hanoi morning. You can see Bun oc everywhere, from big restaurant to tướng small street vendors. And if you have been in Hanoi for the first time, Bun oc is one of the top suggestions of Hanoi specialties for you. We are pleasure to tướng suggest the 3 most famous Bun oc restaurant in Hanoi đô thị.

bun oc hanoi

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1. Bun Oc Ba Luong (NO. 34-64, Lane 191 Khuong Thuong, Dong Da district).

This restaurant is located at a quite hardly – found place that even you have a map on your hand, you still will soon be lost in sánh many lanes here. Do not worry about the map, just ask a local one for it, and you will be enthusiastically lead to tướng this famous restaurant because everyone  in Khuong Thuong knows Bun oc Ba Luong.

The restaurant has small space, simple appearance and quite old-looking. Especially, the entry to tướng this restaurant is sánh narrow that everybody needs to tướng be very carefully to tướng not be fallen into the ditch nearby. The restaurant’s bowls are also traditional types that create the familiar feeling to tướng the eaters. In recent times, the restaurant has built up the second floor with air conditioner equipped.

Bun oc is processed as per traditional cuisine. The broth is concentrated, strong, twinkle yellow of fried onions, sour, soft and natural sweet taste. A bowl of Bun oc has both types of oc (small and big snail) plus with green fried banana and soya cheese. Each snail is select carefully to tướng ensure the quality and bring the delicious taste. You can eat rau củ tuy nhiên (fresh herb) together with bun oc.

Besides Bun Oc, the restaurant also offer other interesting dishes like: nem oc (snail rolls), phụ vương oc (snail grilled chopped meat), phụ vương nhai (snail-pie), nhai chien gion (fried crispy snail), etc. The price of these dishes are often much expensive kêu ca bun oc.

Opening hours: 7.00AM ~ 9.00PM
Price: US$1.5 ~ 2

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2. Bun Oc Co Them (No. 6 Hang Chai, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi)

This restaurant has been passed over for 3 generations of Mrs. Them which still keep the special unique broth with slight sour, sweet and typical flavor of snail together with the pungent fresh chilly, have lured sánh many eaters. Just add a little mam tom (shrimp sauce) to tướng make the whole dish a more sweet smelling. Moreover, the snail is sánh fat, sánh crispy with attractive yellow color, together with several fresh green onions; herbs will make a full perfect dish of bun oc. You can also ask for extra beef for more nutrition. However, because the restaurant only opens in morning times, sánh, eaters should come here early or otherwise, there will no bun oc left for them.

Opening hours: 6.00AM ~ 12.00PM
Price: US$1-2

3. Bun oc Co (No.202 Doi Can, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi)

It is quite easy to tướng find this restaurant because it is located right on the pavement of Doi Can street. The space here is wide, with comfortable seat for eaters. One advantage point here is that cigarette is prohibited here that contribute to tướng make the air sánh clean and fresh. Especially, the bun oc nguoi here is sánh famous that many tourists want to tướng enjoy this dish when they arrive in Hanoi on the first time.

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Let’s see how attractive it would be for a full phối of bun oc nguoi here. In ordinary, bun oc is serve in hot broth. However, bun oc nguoi is served at cool broth lượt thích its name “nguoi” (cool). Bun (vermicelli) is made into small parts not lượt thích normal bun roi vọt (separated vermicelli). And the secret is nuoc cham which is processed directly from the snail boiled water and dam bong (wine vinegar). Grasp a small white of vermicelli into to tướng the bowl of cool broth; eating together with the crispy snail will bring you a very special but delicious taste.

Opening hours: 6.00AM ~ 8.00PM
Price: US$1.5-2

Will you want to tướng try this special dish while on Hanoi City tour with us? Let put it in your request.

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