al(oh)3 + hcl

Hydrochloric acid and Aluminum hydroxide are chemical elements present in liquid khuông HCl are acid and Al(OH)3 is the base. Let us discuss HCl + Al(OH)3 both Element’s Reactions.

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Hydrochloric is an acid that contains an ionic bond between hydrogen and chlorine and aluminum hydroxide has a covalent bond both are in a liquid state and should be kept in a glass bottle with a closed cap as HCl is highly reactive with air as compared lớn Aluminum hydroxide.

This article will discuss the product, balance reaction, titration, ionic equation, conjugate pair, and intermolecular forces of attraction with a detailed explanation.

What is the product of HCl and Al(OH)3

The HCl is a strong acid and completely dissociates in an aqueous medium

HCl = H+ + Cl

Aluminum chloride is a weak base that partially dissociates in an aqueous medium

Al(OH)3 = Al+ + OH3

Hence, the product formed in the reaction is 3HCl + Al(OH)3 = AlCl3 + 3H2O

What type of reaction is HCl + Al(OH)3

The reaction of hydrochloric acid and aluminum hydroxide is a neutralization reaction because HCl is acid and Al(OH)3 is a base and they neutralize each other.

How lớn balance HCl+ Al(OH)3

The reactant is HCL + Al(OH)3 and the product is AlCl3 + H2O. The number of moles of reactant is equal lớn the number of moles of product, 3 moles of HCl are needed lớn balance the AlCl3 and now there are a total of 6 hydrogens, and 3 oxygen in the reactant, 3 moles of H2O is needed.

3HCl + Al(OH)3 ——> AlCl3 + 3H2O

HCl+ Al(OH)3titration

Apparatus used –

Burette, beaker, dropper, funnel, conical flask


The ‘phenolphthalein indicator’ used during the titration of strong acid v/s strong base endpoint is colorless lớn pink.


Fill the burette with Al(OH)3 with the help of a beaker and place it on the stand. Place the conical flask below the burette and add a few drops of HCl lớn it with this release the Al(OH)3 in the same flask. Add the indicator with the help of a drop till it hits the endpoint and the color changes lớn pink.

HCl+ Al(OH)3 net ionic equation

  • The following steps can determine the ionic reaction
  • Should write the balance equation first 3HCl + Al(OH)3 ——> AlCl3 + 3H2O
  • Split the components into constituent ions which are net Ionic equation for HCL + AL(OH)3

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H+ + Cl- + Al+ + OH3 = Al + + Cl3 + 3H2O

HCl+ Al(OH)3 conjugate pairs

Whenever an acid donates a proton it converts lớn a conjugate base and a strong acid is a weak conjugate base and vice-versa. sánh, the conjugate base is Cl- for HCl, and OH- is a base sánh, the acid is Al(OH)3

Conjugate acid-base

HCl and Al(OH)3 intermolecular forces

  • HCl is an ionic compound that contains the dipole-dipole force of attraction with the London force in the molecules.
  • AL(OH)3 contains hydrogen forces with the London dispersion force of attraction.

HCl + Al(OH)3reaction enthalpy

Enthalpy is the amount of energy required lớn complete the reaction for the reactant and product. The reaction enthalpy of 3HCl + Al(OH)3 ——> AlCl3 + 3H2O will be,

AlCl3(s) = -705.6 kJ/mol HCl(g) = -92 kJ/mol. H2O(l) = -285.8 kJ/mol. Al(OH)3(s) = −285.8 kJ/mol

Enthalpy for final reaction will be = (-285.8kJ/mol.Al + 3 x −285.8) – (−1277.0) – (3 x −92.0) = – 10.0 kJ/mol

Is HCl + Al(OH)3 a buffer solution

HCl is a strong acid that can never make a buffer solution and Al(OH)3 is not an acid but have a pH value of 8 it also does not make a buffer solution because the pH value of buffer must be always 14.

Is HCl + Al(OH)3 a complete reaction

HCl + Al(OH)3 is a complete reaction because HCl is a strong acid and Al(OH)3 is a strong base both neutralize the ions of each other and completely dissociate in water lớn khuông new compounds.

Is HCl + Al(OH)3 an exothermic reaction or endothermic reaction

Hydrochloric acid with aluminum hydroxide is an exothermic reaction which means it releases a good amount of heat and the entropy is also less than zero and Gibbs energy becomes negative.

Is HCl + Al(OH)3 a redox reaction

The reaction HCl+ Al(OH)3 is not a redox reaction because in a redox reaction oxidation and reduction take place simultaneously and the oxidation state will change because of the transfer of electrons.

Is HCl + Al(OH)3 a precipitation reaction

The reaction of Is HCl + Al(OH)3 is not a precipitation reaction because there is no precipitate formation after the completion of the reaction.

Is HCl+ Al(OH)3 reversible or irreversible reaction

The reaction HCl + Al(OH)3 is reversible by adding a good amount of HCl lớn the Al(OH)3 precipitate by complex formation.

Is HCl + Al(OH)3 displacement reaction

The reaction HCl + AL(OH)3 is not a displacement reaction as it forms a new product instead of displacing any reactant or product.


Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a very strong acid and aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3)is a strong base they both together neutralize each other and are the best example of neutralization reaction and titration for calculating endpoints.

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